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Hunter Valley Wine Tours for Couples
Romantic Escapes to Vineyards

Hunter Valley Wine Tours for Couples

Romantic Escapes to Vineyards

Elevate romance amidst the enchanting vineyards with Hunter Valley Wine Tours tailored for couples. Traverse hand-in-hand through this picturesque landscape, where sprawling vineyards set the scene for an intimate escapade. Indulge in private tastings at boutique wineries, sipping on exquisite vintages while sharing moments of pure connection. Enjoy leisurely strolls along the scenic paths, surrounded by the beauty of rolling hills and sun-drenched vines. Delight in gourmet experiences, from wine-paired lunches to sunset picnics, creating cherished memories in this idyllic setting. These tours promise an immersive journey, crafting a perfect blend of love, wine, and the tranquil allure of Hunter Valley.

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Tailored Hunter Valley Tours for Couples

Indulge in a bespoke escapade through the picturesque landscapes of the Hunter Valley with our exclusive tailored tours for two. Immerse yourselves in the region’s Halliday 5-star rated finest wineries, savouring private tastings of world-class wines while learning the secrets of viticulture. Traverse lush vineyards, soaking in panoramic views, and delve into the artistry of renowned local artisans. Our personalized itineraries cater to your preferences. With a private guide, relish an intimate journey, creating cherished memories in this acclaimed wine haven, tailored just for you both.

Tailored Hunter Valley Tours for Couples
Hunter Valley wine tour for two

Enchanting Moments: itinerary for the day

Start the day around 9.30 am with a romantic pairing of strawberries and a glass of sparkling wine to elevate the luxurious experience.

1st Tasting session (wine & cheese) – The creamy richness of cheese mingles with the nuanced notes of wine. Which is creating a tapestry of flavours that dance on the palate, inviting moments of sheer culinary bliss and an appreciation for the intricate interplay of these culinary companions.

2nd tasting session (wine & chocolates) – As the rich, velvety chocolate melts on the tongue, it unveils layers of cocoa complexity, revealing notes of earthiness, sweetness, or a delightful hint of fruitiness; paired with a carefully selected wine.

Lunch stop – Hunter Quarter, Muse dining and Bistro Molines are our preferred stops for romantic and unforgettable culinary delicacies making popular spots influenced with fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

3rd tasting session – The next stop could be either Hunter Distillery to taste handcrafted spirits (vodka, gin, rum and liqueurs) or another cellar door to taste Hunter Valley’s best produce Semillon.

The full-day Hunter Valley wine tour for couples ends by dropping you at your accommodation around 4 pm leaving you full of memories.

Cost for a private vineyard journey

A full-day Hunter Valley wine tour for two costs A$800 that includes arrival sparking wine with strawberries, 3 tasting sessions (wine + cheese, Wine + chocolate & taste of handcrafted spirits).

Travel in a luxury style

You will be travelling in a fully air-conditioned luxury and modern Mercedes Benz minivan with leather seats and complimentary chilled bottled water.

Romantic vineyard journey to Hunter Valley