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Wine, cheese and chocolate tasting tours Hunter Valley

Wine, Cheese & Chocolate

It is a perpetual delight to taste the vintage wines while admiring the stunning views of the surrounding hilltops. But how about spending a day sipping your favourite wine coupled with cheese and chocolate? The Hunter Valley is not only home to Australia’s oldest vineyards, but it is also dotted with chocolate factories and artisan cheese boutiques. So, it’s not a stretch to describe this region as quintessentially “winey, cheesy, and chocolatey!

Our customised Hunter Valley Day trip will take you through the region’s choicest cellar doors, chocolate makers, and delicatessen. How about learning a little about wine, cheese, and chocolate pairing before you start your trip?

There is a saying that “…there is nothing that cheese, chocolate, and a glass of wine can’t solve.

This adage is true! There is no better way to unwind and rejuvenate your spirit than with a glass of wine and a selection of cheese and/or chocolate. Taste each ingredient separately to get the finest of all three. Begin with a bit of chocolate. Let it melt in your mouth for 5-10 seconds. Take a sip of the wine, then a slice of the cheese. Enjoy the fragrant taste explosion on your tongue!

An added tip: Keep your eyes closed to fully appreciate the scent and flavour, and feel the sensations throughout your nerves!


Semillon comes in two varieties: varietal and late harvest. The varietal has a dry flavour and mild acidity. It complements mild Cheddar, Chaumes, Double Gloucester, Gouda, and other semi-hard cheeses excellently. Late Harvest type is on the sweeter side and matches well with robust cheeses like Roquefort and Blue Cheese.


Shiraz, aka Syrah, has a peppery and smoky taste that goes well with salty hard cheeses like cheddar, Edam, and Parmesan. The salty flavours of these cheeses accentuate the wine's luscious blueberry and plum flavours as well.


Unoaked chardonnay is often crisp and acidic. So, fresh goat cheese complements this kind nicely. Oaked chardonnay, however, goes perfectly with semi-hard cheeses like buttery cheddar or Havarti.


This wine is sweeter, with medium to high acidity. Pair it with salty cheeses like Grana Padano, blue cheese, or feta to get the most richness out of it. The cheese's saltiness will balance the sweetness of the wine!

Cab Sauvignon

One of the most well-known red wines, Cab Sauvignon has a spicy side with black cherry and blackcurrant overtones. Pair this wine with aged cheddar or blue cheeses like Gorgonzola and Roquefort for the finest flavour.

Wine and cheese pairing If you have a fetish for wines, you must know how to combine them with cheese. But obviously, this does not imply that every wine goes perfectly with every cheese. Hence, we're here to discuss which wine complements which unique cheese type. Without further ado, let us begin our cheesy voyage!

Cheese and wine pairing private tours Hunter Valley

Wine and chocolate pairing Wine and food pairing is not a new concept. However, of all culinary combinations, chocolate with wine can't be overlooked. But the point is, which chocolates go well with which wines? Let's look at some solutions below.

Chocolate and wine pairing day trips Hunter Valley

Semillon & White Chocolate

Sémillon wines pair nicely with white chocolate. You can never go wrong with the milky, creamy, and sweet taste of white chocolate with Semillon wines, whether varietal or late harvest.

Shiraz & Dark Chocolate

Shiraz's fruit intensity and medium to full-bodied body pair well with dark chocolate. To get the most out of your Shiraz, use dark chocolate with 50%-60% cocoa solids or berry-flavoured dark chocolate.

Chardonnay & White Chocolate

Chardonnay works well with white chocolate and chocolate-covered fruits. To complement the creamy smoothness of oaked chardonnay and the nutty undertone of unoaked chardonnay, pair them with chocolate-covered cherries and berries.

Verdelho & Chilly/Dark Chocolate

This wine is on the sweeter side, and an excellent way to taste its flavour is by pairing it with chilly chocolate. However, the hot spice aftertaste of this delicacy is not for the faint-hearted. So, those who do not crave a burst of spice in their mouth can pair this wine with dark chocolate.

Cab Sauvignon-Semi & Sweet Dark Chocolate

Cab Sauvignon has strong tannins and is spicy. Pair it with semi-sweet dark chocolate to accentuate its flavour. To make the palate richer and more mouth-filling, use dark chocolate with over 50% cocoa content.

Cellar doors we visit in Hunter Valley

Glandore Estate Wines

Hunter Valley private wine tours
Glandore Estate Wines is a family-owned winery in New South Wales, Australia’s Hunter Valley region. This wine estate, founded in 1985 by the Izzard family, is noted for producing high-quality wines. Semillon, Chardonnay, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot are the most noted wines produced here. And it is the superior quality of the wines that have earned the Glandore Estate Wine countless awards and accolades. You may visit the estate’s cellar door and sample your preferred wines to taste their premium qualities. There are also options to buy wines here. Visitors may also enjoy winery tours and other outdoor activities here.

Briar Ridge Vineyard

Hunter Valley wine tours
Briar Ridge, nestled on a breathtaking hilltop in Hunter Valley, offers spectacular panoramas of the nearby countryside and winemaking steeped in culture and history. This vineyard, located on Mount View Road in Mount View, was founded in 1972. The wines made here are a perfect blend of classics and novelties that touch the taste senses just so. Come to this location to offer your eyes a relaxing nature therapy or sip on your preferred wine, or both. Wine aficionados can visit the cellar door seven days a week. Nevertheless, reservations are required, which may be made through Hunter Valley Tours.